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Thermal Deburring (TEM) Process Description

Thermal Deburring (TEM)

The patented SURF/TRAN Thermal Energy Method (TEM) utilizes intense heat to deburr and /or deflash parts.

Parts to be processed are sealed in a chamber that is pressurized with a mixture of a combustible gas and oxygen that completely envelopes the parts and surrounds burrs and flash, regardless of external, internal or blind hole location.

Upon ignition the gaseous mixture creates a transient burst of intense heat and burrs or flash, because of their size are raised to a temperature above their auto-ignition point and burst into flames.

Excess oxygen in the chamber combines with the burrs to produce an oxide powder until the temperature of each burr drops below the ignition point as the flame reaches the main body of the part.

The oxidation is of a short duration; long enough to transform burrs and flash to oxide powder, but not change parts dimensionally or metallurgically. The burrs and flash redistributed over the part as oxide of the material can, if required, be cleaned away with a solvent.

TEM (Thermal Deburring) has the unique ability of removing burrs and flash without affecting or wearing away adjoining part surfaces.

Deburring machines and Thermal Deburring Machines are classified as D0654. Thermal deburring machines are manufactured by SURF/TRAN, ExtrudeHone, now owned by Kennemetal.

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